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Léon François Comerre was born on 10 October 1850 in Trélon as the son of a school teacher. In 1853 he moved with his family to Lille. From an early age he was interested in art and became a pupil at the École des Beaux-Arts in Lille, where he won a gold medal in 1867. From 1868 he received a scholarship at the famous École national supérieure des Beaux -Arts in Paris. There he fell under the influence of Orientalism. Comerre dealt with portraiture, portraits of odalisks as well as mythological and historical scenes. 

Lovely Luna



Comerre was famous for his portraits and nude paintings of beautiful women. Comerre's painting "Luna" is a very good example for his sublime mastership in presenting female beauty, moreover in catching the moment. As if you were standing at Lunas bed while she is sleeping. 

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